Today, Essence Flight School is the prominent flight school at Van Nuys airport, the world’s busiest general aviation airport, and Los Angeles generally. Essence Flight school is the busiest school at Van Nuys airport. With five FAA Approved Flight Simulators, allowing the flight school to provide world-class education to our clients. We have the most sophisticated Fleet of Aircraft for training, including Diamond Aircraft models used by the United States Air Force to train pilots. We also provide high-level and complex instructions, not otherwise possible in aircraft, in our brand new, FULL MOTION FAA-Approved Flight Simulators. Essence Flight School Van Nuys aspires to provide the highest level of service and education, fueled by the enthusiasm and passion for flying in every member of our team. To date, we have provided Discovery Flights to more than 2,000 people. Our syllabus is created by commercial airline pilots and is designed to provide the most comprehensive and cost-efficient program for any level of training. Many of our students who complete our Commercial Pilot Training Program later start their careers at commercial airlines. Through this carefully designed curriculum, we have been able to achieve an exceptionally high first time passage rate.



Flying is one of the most challenging activities you’ll ever experience, and that’s what makes it so rewarding. For many of us, flying has been a dream since we were children. Others see it as a fun hobby to add a new dimension to their life. Becoming a pilot gives you a new sense of adventure and freedom, an alternative to airline travel and long trips by car, and a fantastic way to leave the day’s stress behind you. It’s easier than you think to start your journey toward being a pilot, and we look forward to showing you how. Primary flight training in single-engine aircraft is the first step that most pilots take. If you want to fly for fun or fly for a living, this is where it all starts. Early in your training, we will match you to the instructor best suited to your style of learning. Your instructor will work with you to accommodate your schedule and will give you feedback and encouragement as you progress toward becoming a licensed pilot. Learn to fly in Los Angeles with Essence Flight Academy.

Flying is freedom – the freedom to go where you want when you want. How does flying up to Lake Tahoe to go skiing sound? A weekend in Las Vegas without the hassle of the airlines? Lunch with friends in Palm Springs? A flight to Catalina for a world-famous Buffalo Burger? A romantic dinner in San Diego? Or just jumping in the plane and flying simply for the fun of being aloft? These are just a few of the countless adventures waiting to be discovered for any pilot flying out of Van Nuys. Van Nuys Airport is a designated Class “D” (control tower) airport by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is located just adjacent to Burbank Airport with Class “C” radar service, and within a short distance to world famous Los Angeles International Airport. This complexity of airspaces and excellent year-round weather gives Essence Flight School the opportunity to provide a level of flight instruction unmatched anywhere else in the world.



Learning to fly can be one of life’s most rewarding accomplishments. The freedom of movement in a three-dimensional state is not only fun but can lead to some interesting travel options and possibly a career opportunity.

The process starts by selecting a flight school, preferably one with full-time
flight instructors and company-owned airplanes. Possibly not having done this before or familiar with the flight training process, selecting the right school for you can be a formidable challenge. In order to figure out which flight school is best for you, start by developing a checklist that has some of these questions:


  • Does the school have more than one training airplane of the same type?
  • Are these Aircraft schools owned and not leasebacks?
  • Does the flight school utilize FAA Approved Flight Simulators?
  • Are the flight instructors full-time and on staff?
  • Has the operation been in business at least 10 years?
  • Does the school have its own on-site aircraft Maintenance Facility?
  • The option of FAR Part 141 approved school training?
  • Modern air-conditioned Spacious Facility with multiple ground school rooms?
  • Is there computerized Scheduling software with student access?
  • Plenty of parking and easy access to the school?


You will experience hands on flying from the first day of your flight training with the aid of your Certificated Flight Instructor. And from that moment, you are on your way to one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. Come Learn to Fly in Los Angeles with Essence Flight Academy.

Essence Flight School Van Nuys provides flight and ground training for the following certificates:

Private Pilot License
Instrument Training
Commercial Pilot Training
Multi-Engine Training
Flight Instructor Training
Airline Transport Pilot Training


With over 6 years of experience, Essence Flight School Van Nuys offers the highest level of professional flight training at Van Nuys Airport. With thousands of clients and exceptional first-class service, Essence Flight Academy has been able to maintain 95% customer satisfaction in the past years. Come visit us to take advantage of a first-class training facility equipped with 2 FAA-approved full-motion flight simulators and over 8 aircraft on the fleet. After all Essence Flight is the largest flight school at the busiest general aviation airport in the U.S.


One of the most important factors in choosing a flight school is the size of the Fleet (the number of aircraft) that the school operates.  This is important because, at any given time, at least 20% of the aircraft that a school operates will not be available for your use due to any number of required maintenance or repairs.  This unavailability of aircraft will result in your inability to reserve your training on the day and time that best fits YOUR schedule.  Additionally, the delays can add up to a significant delay in your overall training progress and completion date.

Additionally, a school with a variety of different aircraft makes and models will enhance your training because you will have the option of flying different aircraft, making you a more experienced, more confident, and overall better pilot.


Essence Flight School’s certificated flight instructors are graduates of reputable institutes such as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. With high levels of knowledge and experience, our flight instructors are committed to providing you with the absolute highest level of flight instruction. We develop an unmatched level of professionalism with every single one of our student pilots with close attention to the individual needs of the student pilots. Essence Flight Academy also specializes in Multi-Engine Training utilizing two twin-engine aircraft.


Best Ground Training: We believe the best flight training starts on the ground in the classroom. Encore Flight has these facilities in our upstairs building along with two state-of-the-art flight simulators. Using a training syllabus with PowerPoint Presentation capability, maximum exposure to material is achieved, making learning effective as well as fun.


How to pick the best flight school at Van Nuys Airport.

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Van Nuys Airport is a designated Class “D” (control tower) airport by the Federal Aviation Administration. It is located just adjacent to Burbank Airport with Class “C” radar service and within a short distance of the world-famous Los Angeles International Airport. This complexity of airspaces and excellent year-round weather gives Essence Flight Academy the opportunity to provide a level of flight instruction unmatched anywhere else in the world. Among other reasons, ideal flight conditions have made Van Nuys Airport the number one choice for Flight Training. There are 758 aircraft based at Van Nuys Airport, including 128 jets, 27 turboprop jets, 531 piston aircraft, and 52 helicopters. Van Nuys Airport is ranked as one of the busiest general aviation airports in the United States with 400,000 operations annually. That adds up to 1,100 takeoffs and landings daily.

The Best Flight School Los Angeles


Essence Flight Academy is fortunate to utilize two Designated Flight Examiners. At Essence Flight Academy upon satisfactory completion of the course can, issue pilot certificates in-house. Our examiners have decades of experience with training and pilot certification. What that means for all of our students and flight instructors is a high degree of professionalism and academics.

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At the beginning of your Flight School search, it helps if you have a general idea of what you want from aviation. Why do you want to learn to fly? What is your ultimate, long-term aviation goal? Do you want to fly for fun, or are you seeking a flying career? Will your flying be local, or do you want to use general aviation aircraft to travel? Do you want to own an airplane or will you rent one? These are questions you should answer before you start considering flight schools. And you should consider whether you’ll train full time or part-time. These factors can have a major impact on your school selection criteria.