At Flight School Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on maintaining modern, extensive, and up-to-date facilities that allow our students to enjoy their learning process. We provide two lobbies/breakout rooms with television and a computer for the use of our students and their guests. In addition, our facilities include numerous modern and spacious classrooms that make the learning process as enjoyable as flying itself.  Our lobby also features an extensive pilot shop, providing all our student’s needs, from test practices to state-of-the-art Bose headphones.




Essence Flight School, in our facilities, also features two states of the art with full motion platforms Redbird Flight Simulators, which are conveniently located close to our classrooms.


One of the most important factors in choosing a flight school is the size of the Fleet (the number of aircraft) that the school operates.  This is important because, at any given time, at least 20% of the aircraft that a school operates will not be available for your use due to any number of required maintenance or repairs.  This unavailability of aircraft will result in your inability to reserve your training on the day and time that best fits YOUR schedule.  Additionally, the delays can add up to a significant delay in your overall training progress and completion date.

Additionally, a school with a variety of different aircraft makes and models will enhance your training because you will have the option of flying different aircraft, making you a more experienced, more confident, and overall better pilot.


Cessna Skycatcher

Diamond DA20

Piper Warrior

Piper Seminole

Cirrus SR22 Trubo